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Unlike other mass tour operators, we mainly specialize in custom-made private trip itineraries, using the very finest hotel accommodation and unique ground tour arrangements. Customer satisfaction is our number-one priority, before and after the sale. If you have any questions about our website or our products, please contact us and be sure of our prompt reply

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Once you depart for your travel experience with Italian Travel Team, it's time to relax. Customer Service is about exceeding customer expectations, from initial enquiries through to after sales service and support. Your guests will walk away wondering how you knew what they needed before they did.

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Meet the Team

Natalia Melo
Natalia Melo
CEO & Founder

The outsider! She was born in the Azores, grew up in Montreal and after six years in Rome she still is our greatest "Italy" enthusiast. She has a perfect understanding of our clients' needs within the Italian reality. She never lets the grass grow under her feet.

"Hi Natalia: I am still working on the tour below, but Sunny is back from her trip in Italy and she just went on and on about how great you were and how wonderful her trip was, she said it was the best trip she has ever been on. Anyways she wants to send you a gift should I give her the address below? Thanks, Miriam"

Antonio Luce
Antonio Luce

He has been in the Industry for over 25 years and he knows the market like the palm of his hands. His ability to solve problems and his relationship with all suppliers in Italy enabled him to come up with a product perfectly tailored to the needs of today's guests.

"The most amazing vacation of my life is coming to an end. To my friends back home ..Thank you for sharing it with me by your likes and comments. I enjoyed reading them everyday. I will post a full album with my thoughts on where I went when I get home. To my friends that are with me ...thanks for the great times that I will never forget. Thank you to Antonio Luce for teaching me so much about my heritage and for making the trip so special. You are the best tour guide ever and now my friend. Arrivederci Roma! I'll be back soon! MaryAnn"

Explore Italy with Antonio: let him to introduce you to local Italian cuisine or organize wine tasting in one of the typical wine cellars all around Italy.