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Unlike other mass tour operators, we mainly specialize in custom-made private trip itineraries, using the very finest hotel accommodations and unique ground tour arrangements. Customer satisfaction is our number-one priority, before and after the sale. If you have any questions about our website or our products, please contact us and be sure of our prompt reply.

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Once you depart for your travel experience with Italian Travel Team, it's time to relax. Customer Service is about exceeding customer expectations, from initial enquiries through to after sales service and support. Your guests will walk away wondering how you knew what they needed before they did.

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Once you depart for your travel experience with Italian Travel Team, it's time to relax. Customer Service is about exceeding customer expectations, from initial enquiries through to after sales service and support. Your guests will walk away wondering how you knew what they needed before they did.


Our method: creativity fused with punctuality and a knack for details. Your guests will walk away wondering how you knew what they needed before they did.


One of our key commitments is to develop and maintain world class customer service levels. We monitor our own performance and maintain what we call a nonconformance log.


Founded in 2003 and based in Rome, Italy, Italian Travel Team is a Receptive Tour Operator and Destination Management Company specializing in Incentive, Custom, Professional and Leisure Travel Programs. 


Our experienced staff is dedicated to working with you to ensure the success of your meeting, and can coordinate every aspect of your trip. Customer Service is about exceeding customer expectations, from initial enquiries through to after sales service and support.

24/7 Support

ITT Italian Travel Team Experts are knowledgeable and professional and work with Group Organizers as their main responsibility. We will assist you with every part of planning a group with ITT Italian Travel Team.


The Italian Travel Team traveler is passionate about art, history, food and wine. Italian Travel Team programs are designed so travelers cannot just taste, but truly explore the history and culture of the cuisine through hands-on education and interaction with local farmers, chefs and winemakers.

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Our Services

We plan, design, build and market high quality travel services

Responsive Plans

Italian Travel Team offers you the flexibility to choose your own path. You can decide how and when to travel, the level of service and the hotel standard. Italian Travel Team combines active travel with hands-on local, regional and indigenous food experiences,. The trips combine things like hiking, biking and golfing with cooking classes, truffle hunts, visits to farms and much more.

Tailor Made

An off-the-rack suit or dress might fit you, but no matter how well manufactured it is, a custom-tailored version is going to fit you even better. Italian Travel Team can get you in where doors are otherwise closed, grant unique audiences and basically make your travel dreams come true. Consumers who travel with Italian Travel Team can be confident that their plans are solid and their travel investment is secure.

Creative Theme

Unlike other mass tour operators, we mainly specialize in custom-made private trip itineraries, using the very finest hotel accommodations and unique ground tour arrangements. At Italian Travel Team we don't provide pre-planned tours or generate a quote online. We custom design travel plans. During our 30 years in business we've never put designed two identical travel plans.


Our fleet consists of modern Motor Coaches that include: deluxe interiors, reclining seats and enclosed overhead luggage compartments. They all come equipped with VCR and DVD components along with AM/FM/CD stereo, washroom facilities, air conditioning and plenty of luggage space under the floor. You can expect clean, comfortable well- maintained coaches for your riding pleasure. Your group will find the driver to be friendly, professional and provide the safe reliable service you require while travelling to your destination and your return. Our drivers are trained professionals who know the safety and comfort of their passengers is of the utmost importance! Our team of drivers has years of driving experience and will provide the safe and reliable service your group requires while travelling on one of ITT luxury motor coaches. Drivers are responsible for all operational aspects of the motorcoach.


The role of the Tour Manager is to provide a memorable and safe Italian vacation to our guests. Tour managers provide regional specific commentary and are available at all times to make sure guests feel comfortable at each destination. Tour Managers travel with guests throughout the entire tour itinerary. Tour Managers are on site at each hotel, accompany guests on all included activities, and coordinate the departures of optional activities. Prior to arriving at a new destination, the Tour Manager provides information about the local community and details the activities planned for that particular day. Throughout the tour, the Tour Manager outlines all activities, schedules optional excursions, keeps an accurate count of the luggage and handles any other situation that might arise. Travel Weekly reporter David Cogswell wrote: Portrait of a tour manager as the main man. "The tour director is the host of the party, a wild sleepover in a moving setting. He is the facilitator of the movement; the solver of problems; the maker of arrangements; a sympathetic ear to the frustrated; a protector of the vulnerable, and a helping hand to the faltering. He must be a little bit teacher, a bit of an entertainer and certainly a leader."


We have assembled an outstanding team of guides by taking the greatest care in both recruiting and retaining the fine guides we have. Our guides puts us in a unique position to offer tremendous experience along with an intimate knowledge of all aspects of Italy. All our guides have many years of experience (several of our guides have been with us for more than a decade!). They have a degree in one of the following fields (art history, fine arts, history), they are fluent in English and they are all certified guides. Each season, every guide receives an evaluation of their performance including feedback from guests and other guides. We encourage our guides to continue taking their guiding art to the next level by continually improving the skill, knowledge, and wisdom it takes to be a great guide.

Our Expertise

A bit of background on our skills and expertise

Creative and structured design of incentive programmes, conferences and corporate events in Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence and all over Italy delivered with efficient professional expertise. Established in 1993 Italian Travel Team has a distinguished reputation for excellence.

Our experienced staff is dedicated to working with you to ensure the success of your needs, and can coordinate every aspect of your trip. Italian Travel Team specializes in custom groups. We develop the most cost worthy group tours and group trips available to fit your group's budget and travel desires.

We offer discounted hotels prices on Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence and other cities in Italy. We work hard to bring you the best rates on quality accommodation in Rome, Venice and Florence and other cities. In our collection you will find hotels as well as expensive luxury resorts and villas.

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Creating, Selling and Marketing a Group

Working together to achieve great results

Analysis & Planing

ITALIAN TRAVEL TEAM offers a variety of special interest travel experiences around Italy. You select the type of travel, focus and destination that best fit the interests of your potential traveling companions or guests. Special Interest: Do you want to concentrate on a particular theme, as we mentioned a wine tour, small ship cruise, spiritual journey?
Destinations or regions to be experienced: Where do you think your group would like to travel? ength of tour: We have programs for as few as 4 days to as many as 30.
Price: What is the approximate budget, per person, for your group? This is just an estimate. Our group staff is prepared to work with you to fine tune before you contact your potential travel companions.
Time of year you plan to travel: When do you want to travel? Some people, like teachers, have very defined travel times while others are flexible. Traveling during off-peak times can help you greatly reduce the program cost while still allowing you to have a wonderful travel experience.
Number of included activities and excursion: How much of your program do you want pre-arranged?
Talk to your professional Italian Travel Team Travel Expert 
Italian Travel Team Travel Experts are knowledgeable and professional and work with Group Organizers as their main responsibility. They will assist you with every part of planning a group with Italian Travel Team.

Enlist group participants

Whom should you approach to join your group? Everyone loves to travel and everyone is a possible traveling companion. Think about asking: Your family — everyone from your brother to your distant cousin. What about a family reunion in some special place? Your place of worship. We specialize in religious pilgrimages and spiritual journeys. Your friends — who better than your friends as travel companions? Other places you socialize; work, community center, with your fellow alumni, country club... you get the picture — talk to everyone. It takes time to gather the troops, so you should start promoting your trip well in advance; at least six months or more before your departure. Once you have decided on your itinerary and departure date, we suggest that you get everyone together to talk about the trip. We will help you with collateral material and, if your gathering is large enough, we could even send someone to help.
How can you promote your group? The possibilities are endless, but here are a few proven ideas. Put a small ad in your local newspaper or church bulletin, advising people about the trip and the date and place of your informal get-together. 
Give the group itinerary to everyone you know. People love to see details and it will show that you are serious about promoting your group. You should also include the details about your get-together. 
Send a personal email out to your potential group participants about your trip. Put it up on the web — We can send you the digital material to make this simple. 
Create a flyer we can help you and have it included in your church or synagogue bulletin. You can even drop off a supply at your library, country club, etc.

Get Everyone Together

Getting ready for your get-together Once you have created enough interest for the group, it’s time to get everyone together to really talk things up. Italian Travel Team will prepare the detailed itinerary and supporting materials for you. We’ll even create sign-up forms and other items that will really make the meeting a success — just make sure you discuss all of this with us in advance so we can prepare everything for you. Get all your ducks in a row. Just before your meeting, we’ll finalize the following with you:

  • Itinerary and travel dates
  • Airline information
  • Final price per person
  • Travel Insurance Protection Plan
  • All important deadlines including those for sign-ups, deposits, etc.
  • Plus anything else you may want us to address.
About the meeting: 
The main focus of the meeting is to create excitement about the trip. Make sure you keep a list of everyone that attends, along with all of their contact information. This will make follow up easier.
Nothing sells travel better than passion. Be sure to share your excitement with the group. Tell them why you selected the particular destination and about all the wonderful, enriching experiences they will come away with if they join you.
Some things you need to be sure to cover are:
  • Describe the itinerary and go over the departure and return dates.
  • Give out the detailed itineraries and reservation forms. We will help you with these.
  • Mention clearly the cost and when deposits and final payments are due.
  • o over each of the group itinerary components that are included in the cost.
  • Get firm commitments from people early on. You may even want to offer an early booking discount to encourage sign-ups right there at the meeting.

Follow up with anyone who you thought was interested but had not yet confirmed their participation. Sometimes, people just need a little push to make a commitment.

Make a Reservation

Follow up after your meeting. After your meeting, you should send a thank-you note out to all the people that attended. At the same time, this is a great opportunity to give a little push to those fence sitters.

Reservation process
You need to review all the reservation forms and make sure they are complete and signed. Each application should be accompanied by a check or credit card form. After we receive payment, we will process all the reservations and send out confirmations to you. This should take approximately 20 days. You and your group participants should double check the information we send you. If you have any questions or comments, we are just a phone-call away.

Collateral and other material:
Upon confirmation of each participant’s trip, we will send a detailed, day-by-day itinerary and an invoice / confirmation statement which will highlight all payment information.

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Meet the Team

Natalia Melo
Natalia Melo
CEO & Founder

The outsider! She was born in the Azores, grew up in Montreal and after six years in Rome she still is our greatest "Italy" enthusiast. She has a perfect understanding of our clients' needs within the Italian reality. She never lets the grass grow under her feet.

"Hi Natalia: I am still working on the tour below, but Sunny is back from her trip in Italy and she just went on and on about how great you were and how wonderful her trip was, she said it was the best trip she has ever been on. Anyways she wants to send you a gift should I give her the address below? Thanks, Miriam"

Antonio Luce
Antonio Luce

He has been in the Industry for over 25 years and he knows the market like the palm of his hands. His ability to solve problems and his relationship with all suppliers in Italy enabled him to come up with a product perfectly tailored to the needs of today's guests.

"The most amazing vacation of my life is coming to an end. To my friends back home ..Thank you for sharing it with me by your likes and comments. I enjoyed reading them everyday. I will post a full album with my thoughts on where I went when I get home. To my friends that are with me ...thanks for the great times that I will never forget. Thank you to Antonio Luce for teaching me so much about my heritage and for making the trip so special. You are the best tour guide ever and now my friend. Arrivederci Roma! I'll be back soon! MaryAnn"

Explore Italy with Antonio: let him to introduce you to local Italian cuisine or organize wine tasting in one of the typical wine cellars all around Italy.

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